About This Blog

MY PERSONAL LIFE:  My name is Christine and I love Jesus!  I am a full-time working wife and mother.  I have 3 children on Earth (2 girls and a boy) and 1 in heaven (girl).  My family is amazing!  They inspire me to be great and to make a difference!  My husband’s motto is “Don’t Give Up!”  What more can I say?  🙂   My family keeps me very busy!

MY PROFESSIONAL LIFE:  I work for a privately-owned manufacturing company (1000 employees) as a Configuration Analyst.  I love techie work as well as process improvement work and documenting processes and procedures, as well as leading project work. I consider myself very blessed to love what I do! 

APPLICATION:  I think if I read or learn something, it is then my obligation to apply it in my life and share it with others who may also benefit from the information. 

SELF HELP:  I love to motivate and encourage others (and myself) to continually learn, change, and grow in life. I try to do this in my personal life, professional life, and spiritual life. 

RELATIONAL:  I enjoy writing poems when the subject is one who has inspired me in my lifetime.  I also know that the trials in life (even the really difficult ones) are opportunities to learn and grow. 

INSPIRATIONAL:  I have been inspired to write Bible devotionals that relate to contemporary Christian worship songs.  I also enjoy compiling notes from sermons and getting great nuggets of info that can change my life and the lives of others.

PARENTING:  I have learned so much about parenting from books, videos, other parents and most importantly from ESD teachers (who are amazing!).  I hope to share some of the information I have learned, as well as some of the tools I have created during this journey.

HUMOR:  On a lighter side, I love humor and will share good clean jokes that I have heard from others (mostly Bananas comedies) whenever life gives me the opportunity to. 

HEALTH:  I recently have begun a journey toward optimal health.  I have done much reading and learning on health related subjects, and also enjoy sharing this knowledge with others.  I plan to share some of this learning and some helpful tools that will help you along the way.

SIMPLIFICATION:  I truly take pleasure in simplifying processes, daily responsibilities, everyday shopping trips, meal planning, etc.  I use ‘tools’ to make these jobs more predictable.  Over time, I will try to share many of the things I have learned. 

So, in summary, there will be a wide range of subjects covered in this blog.  This blog is a tool for me to get them all down in one place.  Hope you are encouraged, that you learn along the way, and enjoy the journey!


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