Rita Boggs – Memorial Song

Rita Boggs Song

To the tune of “You Raised Me Up”

By: Christine Bischof


Rita’s beauty shone, and her joy it was contagious

She loved the Lord, with all her heart and soul

She found strength, by spending time with Jesus

He raised her up, to more than she could be


She loved her Joel, and spoke pure life into him

She prayed him up, and walked right by his side

They were blessed, to have a love and friendship

She cared for all, the people in her life


She raised her kids, so they could speak to mountains

She raised them up, to help them find God’s peace

They were strong, while leaning on her shoulders

She raised them up, to be the best that they could be


When Rita prayed, the devil felt her fury

When troubles came, a comfort she would be

You could feel, her love amongst the silence

As she would cry, and listen selflessly


She encouraged all, who came in contact with her

She shared her life, in kind and caring ways

So full of grace, she spoke straight from her sweet soul

Until the day, Jesus came to take her home


He raised her up to true eternal life

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