Twas a year for the Bischof, 2015

‘Twas a year for the Bischofs

December 2015

‘Twas a typical day for the Bischof family

The kids went to school for a full day of learning

Mom was at work, the project was churning

Daddy stayed home, taught guitar in the morning

The day was a jumble with plenty to do

Each one of us taught or learned something new

Thank God for the day, as the evening draws near

There’s still lots to do before tomorrow, I fear
Homework, gymnastics, reading and math

Dinner and dishes and lunches to pack

Get ready for bed, get your stuff put away

It’s bedtime for you, it’s the end of the day


Each one of us has things we like to do

Some things we enjoy with others too

Daddy loves playing guitar music still

Mommy likes reading and roaming Goodwill


Our little guy Caleb (8) is lively and quick

He loves to play games and is sharp as a stick

More board games than Target, he plays them all day

And he laughs and jokes and asks you to play

“Come on Mommy and Daddy and Savannah and Jadyn”

He’ll hug your neck or cuddle at night

He’s a blessing to live with, a shining bright light


Jadyn (10) is artistic, her art work is rad

But her very favorite thing is still the iPad

While designing a wild world in Mine Craft

She fits in a writing assignment rough draft


Her homework assignments, after all the fuss

Show evidence of what great work she does

With such a kind heart, her love always grows

Her compassion for animals, daily she shows


And then with a cartwheel, Savannah (13) shows up

She’s happiest when holding a coffee cup

She flips and arches and walks on the beam

When she trips or falls you’ll surely hear her scream


She’s dressed all in cozies from her head to her feet

She plays her sweet flute to the rhythm and beat

With a big messy room just like all other teens

Mommy must harass her to ensure that she cleans


Jadyn’s eyes-how they twinkle! Her laughter so merry!

Savannah’s cheeks are like roses, her posture like a fairy!

Caleb’s little mouth is drawn up like a bow,

With a head full of hair that continues to grow.


Daddy holds the guitar tight in his grip

With the strap wrapped around so it doesn’t slip

He plays us sweet music with his God-given gift

Every note that he plays reaches your spirit so swift


Daddy looked over at jolly old Mom

And he laughed when he saw her because she’s the Bomb

A full set of eyes in the back of her head

The children had learned, so her mind they had read


She spoke not a word, the silent treatment at work

And filled the air with silence, and then turned with a jerk.

And pointing her finger out in front of her nose,

The kids quickly turned, up the stairs they rose!


With Jesus’ great love as we begin 2016

Many wishes from the Bischofs with a ton of great cheer

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good year!”


Love, Tim, Christine, Savannah, Jadyn & Caleb Bischof

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