Can I really live without cold breakfast cereal?

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love cold cereal.  And it’s not just the sugar loaded varieties. Some of my favorites are a bit healthy.  My problem was that I ate about 2-3 cups worth in my big bowl, with 1-2. Cups of milk.   Way too much for my body….  So, I had to back off. I had to nearly quit since I can’t just have 1/2 cup and be done.  This is a huge temptation for me where I keep eating more.  I will blog later on preparing your environment for health.  This is part of my chosen new lifestyle.  I have to severely limit my cereal intake and had to stop buying my favorites completely?

However, in this journey I have found some new fantastic breakfast options.  Here are a few which I will share recipes for in a later blog.  Steel cut oats is my new favorite.  I put some stevia on it and it’s delicious and filling.  I also love a tiny bit of egg whites fried up with onions, spinache, bell pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Again, it’s delicious and filling.  If I use any oil to fry it, I use virgin olive oil.  I also have found a great bran, Banana, raisin muffin.  Lots more options too.  So I barely miss the cereal.

Please share your healthy and delicious breakfast recipes.

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