Saying Goodbye to Sucralose

So before and during my recent 50 lb weight loss, I used diet pop as my replacement for sweets.  But after reading much on diet pop and the negative affects of Sucralose (aspartame or Splenda), I decided I better try to stop ingesting all these chemicals.

I reduced my diet pop consumption from daily to rarely.  And have swapped out the Splenda in tea or coffee for stevia which is just as sweet but is a natural alternative.  You can even find it at Winco.

Anyway, I still chew sugarless gum which contains Splenda, but am looking for a substitute for this as well.  If anyone has suggestions, please share them.  I am not ready to eliminate gum yet.  It helps me avoid eating extra atleast in this stage of my health journey.  And I do not want to add the calories, cavities or sugar that comes along with chewing regular gum either.

Also,  I have been using a 20-calorie hot cocoa in my coffee that also contains Splenda.  I have been researching how to make homemade cocoa that is healthier and has low calorie content.  I made cocoa tonight with real bitter cocoa powder and had to put 2 stevias in it to sweeten it up.  But it equalled to the same 20 calories as the cocoa in the store that contains splenda.  So I think Ill continue with this alternative.  Another thing Im going to try is a small square of dark chocolate melted into the coffee, with stevia to sweeten.  I will have to see the calorie count on this alternative and give it a try.  Again, if anyone has ideas, please share them.  I am trying to stick at about 20 calories.

It’s amazing to me how many ‘diet’ foods contain this chemical.  I’m slowly trying to eliminate Sucralose from my diet.  This is not the first step in my  journey to optimal health.  It is just one of my current areas of focus.  Research actually shows that diet pop results in greater weight gain than regular pop, even though researchers are unsure exactly why.  Some think it’s the cravings that the Sucralose initiates in our bodies.  And I can speak from experience that when I stay away from the diet pops, I tend to not crave the sweets as much.

I tried a pop made using stevia rather than Splenda.  It is called Zetia.  I chose the ginger root beer and it was alright.  But I will not be a regular drinker like I was with typical diet pop.

Please share other ideas you have for getting Sucralose, Splenda or aspartame out of your diet.

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