This is a letter/poem I wrote to my dear friend Shana a few months after she lost her husband Mike due to complications during open heart surgery.  Shana was left to raise three young children on her own.


I just wanted to let you hear
that I am praying for you my dear

I‘m so sorry you’ve been left alone
with so much to handle on your own

I am praying that God is carrying you
So the days do not seem too incredibly blue

Please call me any time that you need
And I will try to help you, God-speed

If I cannot help, then I can certainly try
to find someone else who can help, near by

Every single day brings a new memory
That reminds you (painfully) how it used to be

No one understands your personal pain
The seems to fall each day like rain

You are such a strong Motherly soul
Who always strives to reach the goal

God sees you dear and He smiles on you
He wants you to know He is with you too

No words can express the sorrow I feel
For you to go through such a painful ordeal

Time may lessen the pain that you feel
But it will never erase it, nothing will

So in closing I say, that I love you dear friend
And that love truly will never end

Please forgive me for not always being the friend
In whom you could most definitely depend

I will always be here as a listening ear
For you my most wonderful, sweet, gentle dear

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