I wrote this poem about a dear friend who passed after a complication during open heart surgery in December 2010.  He loved the Lord and left behind three young children and a beautiful wife.  Mike is missed!

He’s home with Jesus 
(In loving memory of Mike)
By:  Tim & Christine Bischof

He used to lead worship, serve & deliver in the rain
Now he has no more heartache and no more pain

On Earth, nothing could stop him, no rest for days
Whether ticklin’ the ivories, singing, or thumpin’ the bass

A secret servant who put others before self
He would take out trash, clean bathrooms, or dust a shelf

No task with his hands was ever too big
He would even venture to fix his own rig

With his children, daily, he would play
He helped care for their needs each and every day

He was Shana’s prince charming, that is for sure
He had a love for Cinderella that was absolutely pure

A humble man who would wear a pink shirt
Just to get some extra wifely flirt

He was fun to be around, a silly ‘ole chap
Who would even use a towel as a toga or head wrap

He was a mighty servant of the Lord
Who had an unending love for God’s word

He never missed a single opportunity to praise
His worship to the Lord, he would proudly raise

Whether jangling the 12-string, leading worship or in the daily grind
He was sure to be dancing to his own beat, paying no mind

With an outstanding ear for musical tones,
He could sing in the high range of the octave zones

From the lowest lows to the highest highs
He used his ear to always get it right

He left a musical legacy for his family to embrace
They can play all his instruments and envision his face

Where he is now, he can play loud and proud
Never turning down the volume or pleasing the crowd

Now he only plays for an audience of one
While Jesus whispers, “Good and faithful servant, Well Done!”

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