Charles Lott

This is a poem I wrote about a dear friend (& Grandpa) named Charles who went to be with the Lord in September 2011.  He passed in September 2011 after a long fulfilled life, from an infection in his leg due to diabetes.  He will be greatly missed!


A man of quiet wisdom
That’s how I would describe him
An Italian/German lad
A proud Father and Granddad

His sense of humor was a special gift to me
As wise as him, I sure hope to be
He’d recite poetry to any woman he met
His joy for life I will never forget

A family party, he would always attend
And walk in with fried chicken in hand
He’d stay long after other guests would leave
Our heart strings to his, he would weave

He carried a cane in his latter days
To him, another tool for his comical ways
With this stick he would tease a wee little one
Pretending to trip them was lots of fun

Charles served our country for several years
And through many of losses, shed some tears
He watched women he loved just pass away
He helped them through their sickness, knowing he had to stay

He loved his children and grandkids so much
He would talk about them and their accomplishments and such
He would tell us stories of the good old days
When these little children, his wife and he did raise

Then came the grandkids and great grandkids galore
His pride and joy became even more
His life was about the legacy he has left behind
To everyone he met, he was truly kind

He was so aware of the concerns of this Earth
His greatest security was in his new birth
For he loved to serve Christ Jesus our Lord
And would study God’s magnificent word

He will not be forgotten as long as we live
He’s a man who was always willing to give
He’d give of himself even when he had none
Now his worries in this lifetime are finally done

The pain of this life he will no longer feel
Our pain for his loss will eventually heal
Now sweet Charles is in heaven with God
Probably celebrating his new youthful bod

He lived nearly 80 long wonderful years
Filled with lots of laughter and many of tears
As he entered heaven he probably heard from the Son
I’m so proud, good and faithful servant, well done!

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