I wrote this poem about a dear friend / sister (the wife of my husband’s cousin Brian), who was diagnosed with an enlarged heart in her 20s and had to have heart surgery to put in an LVAD (left ventrical assisting device) in her early 30s (January 2012).  Surgery was successful and she is working to get stronger!


There’s so much we can all learn from Cinderella
And her unconditional love for her fella

She doesn’t take the gift of life for granted
Her beauty (both inside and out) is enchanted

Her smile is completely contagious
Her sense of humor, totally outrageous

With a love for people that surpasses them all
She’s there for others whenever they fall

With a medical diagnosis of ‘enlarged heart’
This is symbolically the most ironic part

Her heart for others is larger than most
True compassion and empathy it does host

No time to waste on negative speak
For she knows unforgiveness will make one weak

She is wise well beyond her years
A generous spirit toward all of her peers

She has endured sorrow over the loss of some dreams
Due to a life with many medical extremes

Her life is not without much pain
But a reliance on God she does gain

While waiting for each trial to pass
She remains grateful for all that she has

Though fear may surround her on any given day
In her life, God always has the last say

Her trust in the Lord is what gets her through
All are praying for her heart to be made new

Forever she will be a hero to me
Because few are as caring and loving as she

I love you Carolyn!

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